Meet Paul Mazzotta

Paul Mazzotta and Jean MazzottaItalian Heritage!
The Paul Mazzotta family immigrated to America in 1958, from Calabria, Italy bringing with them a rich heritage of their Italian lifestyle based on living a quality life.

Paul started the family beauty business with his grandmother’s hand made soap recipe. Since then he and his brother Joseph have developed many other personal care formulas. Among their formula library are natural mineral cosmetics, organic fragrance/cologne, hair care, hair color, family/baby care, pain management, skin care, and health/wellness focusing on preventive care.

Professional Salon/Spa Co-Owner
He co-owned a chain of spa/salons where he gained the experience of product efficacy. His extensive professional knowledge is what allows him to create great products. We are committed to formulating salon quality products that really work for you.

Natural/Organic + Science Technology
Paul devotes a great deal of his time on discovery research for the most natural products possible using not only natural ingredients but also organic ingredients.

His latest discovery led him to his roots of Calabria, Italy resulting in the creation of Organic Bergamotto Complex. He also has more then 30+ year’s experience of scientific research where he still today operates a research lab. Dicalabria Organic Science is Paul’s latest product invention, which addresses various personal care needs.

Paul’s Innovative Talent

Paul is a gifted artist that has been pioneering beauty and lifestyle trends. At the beginning of his career when he was a talented hair designer he started the Cut and Blow dry trend in the 60’s. During the 70’s he created the Wash & Wear perm trend by doing Andrea McArdle’s hair for the Broadway play “Annie.”

Shortly thereafter he recognized the need for better quality professional hair color so he co founded tube cream hair colors which paved the way to the hair color movement still popular today. During the 80’s he created the first natural hair care line based on using the five food groups for the formulations. In the 90’s he founded Ecocare a line of hair and spa products made with natural ingredients with aromatherapy.

Over the past 15 years he has been creating many products for various famous brands. These brands are marketed in professional salon/spas, dermatologist offices, mass retail and the home shopping channels. Lately he has founded Dicalabria, Inc. a company that markets natural/organic products to consumers.

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